Markets We Serve


Government Institutions / Facilities have unique needs and cleaning standards. At UBM, our employees receive extensive in-depth training to meet these special needs. OSHA and HIPPA requirements are the foundation of our training program. In addition, our employees undergo a stringent screening and hiring process to ensure the highest level of security and safety at our government facilities.

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Warehouse / Industrial

Warehouse / Distribution & Industrial Facilities consist of different areas such as offices, restrooms, loading docks, storage & equipment rooms and manufacturing or assembly areas. Grease, chemicals, dust, dirt and grime can accumulate over time creating a hazardous workplace. UBM provides a clean, safe work environment to prevent safety hazards, accidents and negative health effects.

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Commercial Office Buildings must maintain a clean and well-kept image to enhance your business image and provide a healthy environment for the building occupants. UBM services all types of businesses from property management firms, small offices, to building owners in the commercial real estate market. We meticulously clean your facility in order to reflect a professional image for your clients and employees.

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Medical Office Buildings must be clean and free of dust, dirt, germs and bacteria. UBM provides specialized cleaning procedures and extensive environmental services (EVS) training that focuses on bloodborne pathogens and HIPAA. We use EPA-approved hospital-grade cleaning and disinfectant products and micro-fiber technology to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment for your patients, visitors and staff.

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Retail Properties require clean and appealing surroundings to attract shoppers and support their brand images. At UBM, we believe that the cleanliness of the property can make a lasting impression and add to the customer service experience. We have experience handling multiple retail properties and can provide customized janitorial solutions to meet the distinctive needs of each property.

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